LETS SAY you finally landed that dream brownstone and don't know where to start on a gut reno or an interior overhaul.

LETS SAY you're throwing a seated dinner for 30 and want to do the space. And the tabletop. And the flowers. Maybe even the food.

LETS SAY you need to get your life in order. Aesthetically speaking.

Whether you're in Jeanneret or IKEA territory — or somewhere in between — you care about design, like me. But, unlike me, you're less excited about the exhaustive search and preoccupation required to troll the ends of the earth for the perfect whatever. You have other important things top of mind and want someone whose taste rivals (maybe exceeds) yours. 

You're obsessed with precision and detail (same), and want someone equally fixated on your project. And bonus - this someone (me) has an arsenal of trusted craftsmen and resources at the ready. 

You want a confident and guiding collaborator that can execute a vision — or Extreme Makeover — on budget and on time. 



I'm curious about beautiful things. History, craft, utility, delight.

I've worked for a magazine, a gallery, an architect and several fashion houses. Big ones.

I'm also the product of Eastern Europeans. **This is important because they're insane about the best linens and even better china. 

In a nutshell, I know how to make things look good. And this makes people feel happy.


Jennifer Elsner

Linda Jaquez

Kyle Knodell

Jason Schmidt